Climate Emergency

It is an initiative to save our ecosystem which has been destroyed due to replacement of native species. Pakistan’s climate is going under a massive change which is causing difficulties such as global warming, excessive floods, earth quakes, heat waves. The only available solution is, we need to de-pollute our air by cleaning it through plantation.

Join hands with us and be the part of Urban Forest Coalition so we may build forests, nurseries, parks, green canopies and water resources in order to create 25 percent green cover for Karachi in next 5 years. Our motive is to embark upon massive green effort together we can make it possible.

Sponsor our projects or volunteer your time be the part of green global change for a better place

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Model Urban Forest

3 acres park

2400 Plants

41 Native Species

Planted in 2015

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How Climate Resilience is linked with Urban Greening?

Greening includes street trees, green belts, private lawns, kitchen gardens, urban forests, public parks, arboriculture, landscape areas, balconies and rooftop gardens, and all help keeping urban environments cool amid rising temperatures, control flash floods and erosion of soil, retain water levels, curb sea water erosion, maintain urban biodiversity habitat and foster urban quality of life and social solace.

  • Increased urban green footprints wouldn’t just help lessen the impacts of climate change and improve air quality, but would yield a number of other allied social, psychological, and health benefits of human exposure to green spaces.
  • Urban greens actively help improve city microclimates while compensating heat generated by traffic and industrial activity, as well as the spread of heat-trapping concrete buildings.
  • Researchers have examined that on a hot summer day a single grown up cools the surrounding environment that is equal to the cooling produced ten air-conditioners.
  • Green areas help reduce stress and anxiety, help improve human cognitive abilities and all together with a long list of social benefits.
  • Urban greenscape could potentially insulate Pakistani cities against some of the effects of climate change.

Join our effort to make our cities green and pollution free!